A Must View Documentary on Cyberbullying

I just had the opportunity to watch a new documentary on cyberbullying.  “Submit the Documentary” is an engaging and eye-opening exploration of the realities and impact of cyberbullying on today’s youth and all of those in its path. The content is well produced, visually appealing, and draws the viewer into the stories and informational content.

It was quite interesting to see the wider and deeper reach of cyberbullying and how it differs from traditional physical bullying. The documentary talks to the importance of bystanders in the process and how they may be the key to stomping out, or at least minimizing, the spread of this rampant problem.  Interviews with experts, school administration, parents, and children were both informational and thought provoking. Even parents that are plugged into the online world, and their kids’ social footprint, have been affected.

submit-the-documentaryThere was a nice blend of analysis of the problem along with real world stories that really bring the topic home. The gut wrenching story of Megan Meier has been told before, but hearing the details from her mom really personalized the impact and sadness left by such a tragedy. As a dad of daughters, seeing the pure and enduring pain and suffering in the face and actions of Johanna’s dad, reminded me to count my blessings every day I get to spend with my daughters. The documentary provided an in-depth analysis of how cyberbullying is conducted, the typical and often fruitless responses, and how we should ultimately attack the problem.

I definitely recommend this documentary to all those parents with kids starting to get into social media and other online activities. Watch it with your kids so they too can understand the dramatic ramifications of simple words, pictures, or actions taken online. For more information visit www.SubmitTheDocumentary.com.

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