How Kids Today are 21st Century Lincolns

What do kids today have in common with one of our most influential presidents from 150 years ago?

If your kids are anything like mine I think you’ll be able to relate to this post.  As you already know from reading my blog in the past, my kids are extremely busy.  I’m constantly driving them all over our metropolitan area to various events, practices, performances, games, etc.  Given this reality, we have to find ways to fit all of their responsibilities into the schedule, by any means necessary.

As a result, what usually happens is the kids need to take their homework along with them when they go to the given activity.  For example, if both of my kids go to dance and one gets out earlier than the other – take your homework.  Use that little window of opportunity to do some of your work before you get back home.  Or, if my oldest has after school practice, then heads straight to dance after – take your homework.  You can even use the transit time to complete some of your tasks.  This is about optimizing the time available, eliminating wasted time, and hopefully being as productive as possible.  That’s not to say every minute of every day needs to be utilized.  Of course kids need some down time too so they can relax and recharge.  But, if they sign up for 43 events per night, they have to recognize they’ll need to balance them with their schoolwork.

How do they do this?  What ultimately happens is what I’ll call ‘Lincolning’.  I doubt this will go viral and be on the level of Tebowing or Catfishing, but I’m at least going to label the phenomenon for this post.  It’s a well known fact that back in the day Mr. Lincoln would often read by candlelight.  Now, he may not have had much of a choice, but nonetheless, it is what he did.  Fast forward 150+ years and this is often the scene in the passenger seat or backseat of my car:

Abe Lincoln ain't got *&$# on me!
Abe Lincoln ain’t got *&$# on me!

Cellphones are the new candlelight and my kids are constantly reading and doing homework in the car using their phones.  This is adaptation, using what you have to your disposal, and optimizing your time to the fullest…and would probably make that crazy beard wearing, tall hat having, lanky statesman Lincoln rather proud!

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