CDL 023 – When a Stranger Calls…And Tweets About It


Podcast: Play in new window | Download There are many problems faced by today’s parents that didn’t exist when you were a kid. One particularly scary issue is the possibility of being wrapped up into a cyberbullying case. You hope that you can make it through the trying times of middle school and high school unscathed, but the threats are out there and you never know what might happen. This episode presents one particular case … Continue reading

CDL 022 – How to Share Your Content on Facebook


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Last week I talked about Twitter and how you can implement strategies and techniques to effectively share your awesome content. This week I dig into Facebook a little bit and give you more strategies for getting your content in front of your potential audience. You’ll learn quick and easy ways you can share your content on Facebook. We all know how hard it is to gain an audience. … Continue reading

CDL 021 – How to Effectively Share Content on Twitter


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Now that you’ve published that awesome post on your blog and you’ve started to get the word out, how in the world will you use Twitter to help? In this episode, I dig deeper into content sharing on one of the world’s biggest social media platforms out there…Twitter. You’ll learn how Twitter is different than most other social platforms and what that means for your message. I provide … Continue reading

CDL 020 – What To Do After You Hit Publish


Podcast: Play in new window | Download You’ve just written perhaps the best thing ever written on the internet. You hit the “publish” button and you sit back and await your fame and fortune. But, nothing happens. Why? Hitting the Publish button, in many ways, is just the first step in creating content. In this episode, I dig into what happens after you hit Publish. This is where the real work starts. You’ll hear 2 … Continue reading

8 Reasons Why Soccer will be Big in the U.S. and One Reason it May Suffer

us soccer fans

Since the U.S. is fully engaged with this year’s World Cup, I figured this was the perfect time to share my thoughts on why I believe soccer is at the cusp of mainstream popularity in American culture. I know, I know. Soccer has been talked about for years in terms of gaining popularity, especially during these high profile worldwide tournaments. But, I believe there is something different underway. Here are 8 reasons why soccer will … Continue reading

CDL 019 – A Day in the Life – Parent Entrepreneur

parent entrepreneur

Podcast: Play in new window | Download People ask me all the time how I balance family, career, and my online platform. They ask what a typical day is like for the parent entrepreneur. In this episode, I give a glimpse into the “typical” day for a parent entrepreneur. I walk you through the day from hitting your alarm clock to setting it for the next day. Along the way, I identify moments where you … Continue reading

CDL 018 – 5 Rules of Consumable Content

consumable content

Podcast: Play in new window | Download You’ve just released a new blog post, podcast, or article. You’ve poured yourself into your work. You’ve strived to create epic content that will be read and shared by your audience. It’s sure to go viral! You wait for traffic to your website. You wait for the flourishing engagement in your comments section. You wait for industry recognition and adulation of another killer post. Yet, nothing happens. Why? … Continue reading

CDL 017 – Shift Your Mindset and Embrace the Possibilities

shift your mindset

Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this week’s episode, I talk about changing the way you think. Shift your mindset and you’ll be amazed at what may happen. I truly believe, as entrepreneurs, we need to explore everything we come into contact with, at a deeper level. Don’t let information simply pass you by. Reach in and examine the conceptual parts and see if you can conjure up the next big thing. I … Continue reading

CDL 016 – The Value of Simplicity in Website Design


Podcast: Play in new window | Download This week, I talk about the value of simplicity in website design with brutal honesty about my own website. Whether you are just starting out with your website or you have an established online presence, the value of a minimal design can never be underestimated. In this episode I discuss the power of simplicity and how it worked for some of the biggest players in technology and social … Continue reading

Parent Entrepreneur – Explore Your Possibilities

parent entrepreneur

Can you REALLY be a Parent Entrepreneur? Being a parent is a full time job…obviously. But, should that be all you do? I believe all parents should be working to expand their exposure to the online world. Engagement with today’s emerging technology ultimately enables you to be more knowledgeable and more marketable. Let’s face it. Today’s job market can be scary and tumultuous. What may appear to be solid footing with a particular company may … Continue reading