CDL 010 – Take the Traditional Road or Forge a Bold Path?


Podcast: Play in new window | Download What are you teaching your kids? Should they go to college, get that corporate gig, and work the next 45 years in a cubicle for someone else? Or should they take your college savings and invest in themselves and start their own business? In this week’s episode of the Crazy Dad Life podcast, Jeff shares his thoughts on these conflicting paths kids may take. He covers the pros … Continue reading

6 Unwritten Roles of Dads, Number 3 Still Gives Me the Shivers


There are many roles that dads play every day in their kids’ lives. Some of these roles are rather commonplace, bland, and widely recognized. But some are quite the opposite. Some go unnoticed yet truly speak volumes about the value of a father. Which of the following roles do you fit? Which role would you add to the list? 1. Ninja Picture Taker As fathers, it is our duty to get the shot. You may have to … Continue reading

CDL 009 – Spring Cleaning Your Online Platform

online platform

Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this episode, Jeff discusses the important items you should include as part of your regular maintenance of your online platform. Five Things Learned Last Week iWatch is coming Guest blogging has resources! Twitter is becoming more like Facebook XP is gone *sniff sniff* Heartbleed is running rampant Spring Cleaning Your Online Platform Major Items to Clean Figure out what you have Scrub your social channels Clean your … Continue reading

CDL 008 – An Inside Look: Audience Building


Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this episode of the Crazy Dad Life podcast, Jeff reveals some numbers related to his audience size and how he’s working to grow. He discusses recent ad campaigns leveraging Facebook ads and LeadPages and how they have performed to date. Shared in this episode: Why advertise on Facebook Real input parameters for two recent ad campaigns intended to grow the Crazy Dad Life community Techniques applied Approaches … Continue reading

7 Things You Should NOT Do if You are an Entrepreneur Parent. I Avoid Number 3 Like the Plague


There are many benefits to building your online platform and being an entrepreneur parent. You gain knowledge, experience, and maybe even some extra money if you’re lucky. But there is a unique set of pitfalls to avoid for those entrepreneurs that just so happen to be parents too. 1. Don’t completely pour yourself into your work Most parents trying to start an online business or make money online typically have a day job too. This … Continue reading

CDL 007 – Approach Your Tools With Priority and Purpose

productivity tools

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Everyone is busy. Your to-do list continues to grow and you often feel overwhelmed. Don’t randomly complete tasks in a scatter shot fashion and randomly move on to the next. Start an organized approach for tackling your daily chaos. This episode discusses the need for having a set of go-to tools that you can leverage in your daily life, both professionally and personally. Learn the importance of a … Continue reading

Level Up – Play With the Big Kids


Think back to when you were an aspiring athlete. I think you probably had at least a fleeting notion of being a superstar athlete at some point during your childhood. Don’t we all? You probably plugged away on your own, honing your craft for game day. You’d hit the driveway every night to shoot baskets relentlessly. Inside, outside, turn-arounds, fade-aways, layups, and threes. You’d play it all out in your mind, evisioning an ever dwindling … Continue reading

CDL 006 – One Success Trait of Being an Ass

CDL 006

Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this week’s Crazy Dad Life podcast, Jeff talks about one surprising trait that many successful people have. Even if this particular trait is often seen as a character flaw, there may actually be times when you should embrace it. You’ll hear how he experienced it in childhood, in his career, and now in fatherhood. If you love listening to the Crazy Dad Life podcast, it would be … Continue reading

CDL 005 – A Weekend Launch Case Study – 5 Things to Get Right When You Launch


Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this episode, Jeff walks through 5 important things to consider when you are first launching your online platform. He provides real world examples based on a weekend launch he recently performed. These simple techniques can help you position your brand for ultimate customer visibility and future growth. Learn some of the pitfalls new entrepreneurs face as they move ambitiously forward with their ideas. Jeff explains the value … Continue reading

CDL 004 – How I Make 3-Figures a Month Doing Nothing

niche site

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Are you looking for ways to make money online? Are you looking for a way to do it without having to put in ongoing work? In this episode, Jeff reveals how he is making 3-figures a month and doing nothing to grow the business. Sure, 3-figures a month doesn’t make you an internet mogul. But, it does provide you free money that your family could probably use. You’ll … Continue reading